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Techical Troubleshooting & Helpful Tips

Everyone's skin is different, so it's important to know exactly how and what to do if things go wrong, which is possible as everyone's skin is different. Dry skin, poor exfoliating/moisturizing habits, lifestyle & fluctuating hormone levels can all make a difference to the way the tan lasts/fades. 

Below is a guide which will answer your questions on common troubleshooting as well as giving you helpful tips.

The following health & safety measures is recommended by the FDA and Brilliant Tan to protect you and your clients during the application of a spray tan.

  1. Apply a lip balm / petroleum jelly to lips.
  2. Wear breathable foam nose filters / disposable paper masks (both you and your client)
  3. Wear protective eye wear eg. spray tan goggles or have your client close their eyes during the spray tanning application. Never spray in the eyes.
  4. Your client should wear protective undergarments

We also recommend the following:

  1. Have your client wear a disposable hairnet to protect the hair from discolouring (especially important for light coloured hair)
  2. Have your client wear a pair of hygiene sticky feet for hygiene purposes and to prevent DHA staining on the soles of your client's feet. 
  3. Apply barrier cream to the top & insides of client's hands, elbows, knees, top & sides of feet & heels, this will prevent those areas from tanning too dark and ensure a more natural looking tan.


You need to adjust your gun to spray a finer mist. Proper setup will make the difference between a great spray tan and a horrible spray tan!


This is how you adjust the spray mist of your gun to the ideal setting:

1. Locate the Solution Flow Screw / dial on the back of the spray gun.

See picture below.

2. Turn the dial Clockwise all the way to “Close”  (you know it's closed if you can't pull the trigger in anymore) Now turn the dial counterclockwise to “Open” to increase spray pattern width. The ideal mist setting is to turn the dial counterclockwise from 12'o'clock to between quarter to and half past, see picture below. This is the ideal setting for a perfect spray tan application.

3. Make sure your gun is set to spray a horizontal pattern!


Always hold your gun 15-20cm's away from the body and remember to keep the same distance and speed throughout the spray tan application. It is recommended to apply barrier cream to the top & insides of hands, elbows, knees, top & sides of feet & heels. Double the distance when spraying the hands,  feet & face  to avoid over spraying them! Your aim should be to make the spray tan look as natural as possible. 


Your gun is most likely clogged.


To unclog / clean your gun, pour clean luke-warm water into your spray gun's cup. Spray the clean water through your gun on a towel for 30 - 60 seconds and pour water out.

Tip: It is important that you clean your gun thoroughly at the end of each day by spraying clean water through your gun for 30-60 seconds to prevent your gun from clogging! Pour out water and place your solution cup and gun separately on a towel to air dry overnight.


As with anything, proper care and maintenance is the key to longevity.  It is important that clients are given the proper preparation procedures, either over the phone when the appointment is made or provided a prep sheet if they're in the salon when making their appointment. Click here for in-depth Spray Tan Preparation guide.

Prior to tanning, skin must be well exfoliated.  No deodorants, perfumes or moisturizers should be on the skin.  To maintain the colour, soap-free ph balanced body washes are to be used and a nourishing moisturizer must be applied once or twice a day.  Exposure to chlorine and extended hot baths may shorten the life of a spray tan.  A client with oilier skin will find the tan will last better and longer than someone who has dry skin.  Your face and hands will typically fade faster as you wash these areas more often.


Generally this is caused if the client did not exfoliate properly or by excessive friction from clothing. Changes in hormone levels can also affect the tan, eg. pregnancy  / hormone replacement therapy can make the tan look patchy.


DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), the main ingredient in sunless spray tanning solutions is a fridge item / ingredient. The chemistry of DHA may become unstable when exposed to extreme heat or sudden change of temperature. This may cause your spray tan solution to turn green. Unfortunately, tanning solutions have a limited life span and they slowly start to degrade as soon as you open the bottle.
Due to our commitment to avoid harsh / harmful preservatives in our products, our spray tan solution only contains a food grade preservative and should therefore be used within 4 months of opening (purchase) and must be kept refrigerated once opened.
With 24 hour online shopping and fast shipping available, you might even want to try stocking as you go! By placing smaller re-orders more frequently, you can maintain a steady, fresh supply of spray tan solutions for your salon / clients.


The recommended amount of spray tan solution is about 50-70ml's per spray tan. Do not over-spray! A client with a darker skin type may tolerate a higher percentage DHA, while a fair skinned client may need a much lower DHA percentage. Please make sure that you choose the correct percentage DHA strength for the specific skin tone.

Our 9% Professional Spray Tan Solution is Suitable for Fair Skin Tones. Physical Skin Characteristics: Very sensitive to sun. Sunburns easily. Not likely to tan. Mostly light haired, fair skinned with freckles. These skin tones normally goes red in the sun and then peels.

Our 11% Professional Spray Tan Solution is Suitable for Medium Skin Tones. Physical Skin Characteristics: Very sensitive to sun. Sunburns easily. Able to achieve a light tan. Most Caucasians fit into this category.

Our 13% Professional Spray Tan Solution is Suitable for Dark Skin Tones. Physical Skin Characteristics: Moderately sensitive to sun. Sunburns little. Tans well. Olive skin type. 


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